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Your Mind On Crack Jokes

Your Mind On Crack Jokes


Your Mind On Crack Jokes -





















































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Youre probably dumb. Light travels faster than sound, which is why people like you appear brightuntil they open their mouths. Dont you hate people who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious? 10. Im pretty sure I married someone elses soulmate. "Oh, what the shit, guys?! There's only like ONE of him!" In his Common Sense, Thomas Paine once compared King George III to "the Pharaoh of England"; during the American Civil War, some Confederates apparently referred to Abraham Lincoln as "the modern Pharaoh." Yes, I know that doesn't make sense, seeing as Lincoln was going to war to end slavery, but whatever; insults don't have to make sense, as anyone who's ever been called a "vagina faggot" on Xbox Live can attest. 31. 44. All rights reserved. 79% of U.S. A 100lbs of bricks is just that, but with feathers you also have to bear the weight of what happened to all those birds. Just like with humans, were not essentially dying immediately because of the excessive intake of water, quite the opposite, its the fact that it results in us not being able to absorb any oxygen into our bloodstream (through our lungs, into our capillaries, which then travels around the body allowing for a process called cellular respiration to occur). Firehaze I dont get what youre actually saying but fishes cannot drown because they were created in a way they wouldnt drown, by that I mean that fishes were made to swim in water therefore they cannot drown. Also, please correct me if I am in any way wrong about the human part, as Im sure there are other factors into why we die so quickly from drowning (not just the lack of oxygen in our bloodstream).


Answer! (Me) But& you never asked the question yet! ><" (You) "Exactly" (Me) "What do you mean?" -- (You) "Wow! your that brainy and you can't figure it out? (Me) -- (You) nonsense* . .. not like this ." This goes far beyond simply getting distracted. She convinced him to go to a doctor, which must've been an awkward conversation. Ramachandran theorized that laughter evolved in part as a signal to defuse threats. Stanford University researchers have additionally discovered that people who think of themselves as great multitaskers were actually the worst people for any given job, making the most mistakes and taking the most time to do it. I think its time for us to go our separate ways and start making other people miserable. Thought Catalog Books The Comprehensive INFP SurvivalGuide by Heidi Priebe $4.99 Amazon Apple Our favorites, every Friday. Q: What do republicans think it's alright to do cocaine? A: Cocaine is God's way of saying you earn far too much money! Q: If cocaine were legal, what would the little packages be called? A: Sweet N' High? Q: What do you call a dictionary snorting crack? A: addictionary. READ MORE . Its the people I tell them to who cant. Not all men are annoying. I hate it when I go to hug someone really sexy and my face smashes right into the mirror. What did you tell them?" "I used a diagram, your honor. Q: Why do rich kids have shiny white teeth? A: Cause they brush with coke. I have as much authority as the Pope. 4bf8f11bb1

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